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Interesting Cursive Writing for Children


Children learn various skills at their learning age and try to master in their areas of interest. Many children take their childhood passion and make it a career path. Others keep their career and passion on different pages as they believe a career is for survival and passion is for relaxing and energising themselves from the daily stressful work. Among the various skills children are taught in their schooling or by their parents, writing is an interesting path one can choose. It is important for children to work on their skills to have a bright future ahead.

Writing is one of the interesting and noteworthy skills that a child can pursue. In the future, the ability of good writing will lead to amazing career paths such as content writer, journalist, etc. Society in the current period is no longer just looking at routine jobs but moving ahead and making a good fortune from creative fields too. Hence, it is a good idea to teach writing skills to children from their childhood. Teachers should make children develop cursive writing as it appears beautiful when handwritten on a paper. This writing is required for many official purposes and while making an official agreement between the parties.

Importance of Cursive Writing

According to a research study, it is said that cursive writing plays an important role in improving the cognitive skills in children. One can find difference in learning through typical cursive letters writing and making the same letters using digital means like a keyboard. Kids in their growing age should have overall development; writing the letters physically by hand develops a link between the movement of the hand and visual experience of the same. Multiple processes occur in the body at the same time, i.e. reading and writing activities occurring at the same time, which is a necessary skill during the development of a child.

Children require this to completely understand the language and connect words to motor memory. Learning cursive handwriting plays a major role in the language skills and helps children to read later. On the other hand, when these words are learnt electronically, it doesn’t have the same affect as writing.

Benefits of Learning Cursive Writing

Doctors reveal that learning cursive writing can make children more intelligent. The physical form of writing by hand aids in giving the correct inputs to the body to perform multiple activities at the same time. It is suggested that cursive is shown to give the same effect to the brain in comparison to playing a musical instrument.

Cursive writing teaches organisation skills and helps children in creating their own thoughts and ideas. This skill is helpful for children to sharpen their creative side of the brain and make wonders in the future.

Cursive writing is a boon for treating medical illnesses. People suffering from dyslexia can try cursive writing to improve their hand-eye coordination, memory, poor vision, and various other functions related to brain.


Cursive writing and learning about cursive letters should not be limited to school learning but made a recreational activity for youngsters who deal with a lot of stress. Reading and writing cursive format helps children have an overall development in performing various activities.

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