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Importance of GTIN in Amazon Businesses

GTIN is abbreviated as Global trade Identification Number.  This comprises a set of numeric that represents a particular product. Amazon uses it as a product identifier just like others such as ASIN. It is considered as one of the main facets while doing an online business.

Amazon uses the following GTINs:

  • Universal Product Code (UPC)
  • European Article Number (EAN)
  • International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

Since every person nowadays is associated with amazon businesses either of small or bigger scale. In order to sell online on the Amazon platform, one has to have a product identification also called GTINs. These specified product identification numbers are useful in inventory processes to track items. But, in some cases, one may not get his product’s GTIN. In that situation, he needs to apply for GTIN exemption prior to trading his product.

Products for which one can apply for GTIN Exemption

There are specific scenarios in which one can apply for GTIN Exemption. These may include:

  • The private labeled and handmade items that are not provided with GTINs by the manufacturers may have GTIN Exemption.
  • The products with no barcodes since you are the manufacturer yourself.
  • When you plan to sell more than one item, like a package deal, in that case, you may apply for the amazon GTIN exemption.

Information required For the GTIN Exemption

GTIN exemption is not as a complex process as it seems to be. It is indeed a process of a few easy-to-go steps.

With your own amazon seller central account, you can get into the application process. You just need to have some information on a prior basis that includes your product name and some realistic images of it.

Fatherly, amazon also put forth some guidelines when you apply for Amazon GTIN exemption. They are included as follows:

  • The brand name you are entering in the application should be similar to the one which is mentioned on the product and its packaging material.
  • The images of your product should be more realistic.
  • Either the product or its packaging should not have a universal barcode on it.

Having all said information you are easy to go for the GTIN exemption application.

Directions for GTIN Exemption Application

  • In the seller central account take your course to ‘Apply For Amazon GTIN ExemptionAfter signing in you will be led to the respective page.
  • Select your product category in the ‘Product category’ filter.
  •   Enter your respective brand name under the ‘brand/publisher’ field.
  • Hit the ‘check for eligibility’ button.  Amazon will provide you with a checkmark in the column for your product being eligible.
  • Your next step is to press the ‘continue to submit proof’ button.
  • The net page is the ‘provide proof’ page that requires a supporting letter from the respective brand. If your product is privately labeled, select the ‘No’ option.
  •  Enter the name of your product and upload its images.
  • Your last step! Press the ‘submit request’ button. You will hear from the respective authorities within 48 hours.



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