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7 Effective Ways to Keep Your Mattress Clean

If you are looking forward to sound and hygienic sleep, then a perfectly cleaned mattress is the key. A well-maintained mattress would provide you with overall good night slumber. Several researchers and studies show how significantly a clean mattress affects the quality of our sleep. Many people are affected by insomnia and unhealthy sleeping habits.

Often our sleeping mattresses are affected by dust mites, dirt, fallen hair follicles, mold, debris, skin cells, bacteria, germs, sweat, body oils, bed bugs and stains such as beverages, bodily fluids, and food particles. These filthy particles would attract bugs, bad odour, allergies, unhealthy sleeping conditions and respiratory issues. This guide will help you by presenting several effective ways through which you would be able to clean your mattress.

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1.      Clean All Spots

Don’t wait for tomorrow to clean any spills or spots on your mattress. Instantly take a damp cloth and carefully clean it, till it’s pristine. If the spot is stubborn, you can apply a very small portion of detergent on the mild wet cloth to perfectly clean it.

2.      Always Use Mattress Protector

To avoid any spills or directly damaging your mattress, always be careful to put a mattress protector. Don’t use a very lightweight protector instead use a waterproof, hyper-allergenic mattress protector to save your mattress from stains and allergies affecting your mattress.

3.      Sun Exposure

Always give your mattress a significant amount of sun exposure. Sunlight happens to be beneficial for eliminating bad odors and would instantly kill all mites. Sunlight would give a freshening and provide a healthy feel and look to the mattress.

4.      Vacuum Regularly

It is very important to vacuum your mattresses regularly. Never miss a day, a delayed cleaning might result in festering of a disease, allergies and infections which is common, if you don’t consider getting a vacuum regular,

5.      Deodorize

If your mattress makes you feel unhealthy, or filthy then you should take a deodorant and spray it on the bed. It would automatically kill all the bacteria. No, it shows how important a deodorising method would eliminate all when he is also able to get the healthy, bacteria-free, benefits of deodorant.

6.      Clean Professionally

If your mattress is very old enough or it consists of numerous spots and spills it could cause allergies. And don’t know why to clean it perfectly, then consider giving your mattress to professional cleaning services. Most good cleaning professional’s cleaning methods are so top-notch, that they would turn an old dirty mattress into a firm and squeaky-clean one.

7.      Get a New Mattress

When your mattress is very old and dirty, it’s also causing many allergies. Consider getting a new mattress for your home.

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