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15 Questions New Contractors Must Ask

By asking the right questions, you can save time, get to know clients better, ask for feedback and impress prospects.

You can save time by vetting clients before you meet them. We’ve compiled a list of questions that apply to most trades.

5 Questions to Ask Before Buying

As part of the process, you must vet new leads to ensure that you and your potential client will be a good match. Pre-sale questions are designed to get to know your client and their expectations.

Add the following questions to your contractor questionnaire, lead sheet or intake form.

  1. What is your budget?

Clients may need to know the cost of their dreams, whether they are building a home or a large commercial project. Once you have a client’s budget, you can decide if the project is worth it. Moreover, you can help them better find the best products and solutions.

It is helpful to ask questions about budgets specific to your project. Browse the Angi Project Cost Center for ideas for remodelling your home, plumbing and electrical work.

  1. When do you want to start?

Set realistic expectations for your potential client if they have a specific deadline. Knowing their ideal starting date lets you determine if you have the necessary resources.

  1. When do you want the project completed?

Setting expectations is crucial. You can decide if you and your team can meet the client’s needs based on a firm completion date. If you need more time to meet their deadline, notify them immediately or make changes.

  1. Why did you contact us specifically?

Discover what your client expects from a general contractor and why you are the best team to do the job. Most likely, they will expect open communication and organisation. You can use tools like the Angi Pro App to show clients progress images and collect feedback.

  1. I only accept cash or checks. Is this payment method right for you?

It can be awkward to ask clients about their payments. Instead, frame the question in a manner focused on what they prefer. Clarify where the funding will come from and in what form. Before you begin any work, put it in writing. The last thing you need is to deal with a dispute about the client not having enough funds.

Tell your customers about the surcharge if they only want to use credit cards. Add it to the invoice. Some customers will pay an extra 3.5% for airline points or money back. You are okay with their payment method but want to get paid the whole amount you invoiced.

With the Angi Pro App, you can accept multiple payment methods, such as Apple Pay or credit cards. Angi allows customers to pay you directly. You can also request payments and manage them quickly.

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Five Project-Specific Questions

After you have determined that your client is a fit, it’s time to look at the scope of the job.

You can provide a better estimate and service by knowing all the details of a client’s goals, plans, and experiences.

  1. What are you hoping to change about your home?

You can learn a lot from how your client responds to this question. Learn about their goals, preferences, dislikes and the problems they hope to solve. Ask them what they hope to keep after the project is completed.

  1. What project ideas can you share with me?

Most homeowners need a clearer idea of what they are looking for and could repeatedly change their minds. It can be difficult to give accurate estimates and may even lead to disputes over payment. Ask them to share as much information as possible about their design goals. Write down and date the details in your notebook so you can refer back to them later.

  1. Do you expect significant life changes that may impact your needs?

This question may refer to several factors, and it is essential to be specific.

Consider these long-term goals:

Do you intend to expand your family?

Are they planning to stay in the house for several years?

Are they planning to sell their home?

Are they quitting/changing/retiring from their current job? This is a warning sign since changes could affect their ability to pay.

  1. Have you ever done a home remodel or similar project before?

You should train your team to communicate with the client at each stage of the project if they need experience.

Find out if they have any negative experiences. You can ask them what the challenges were and why they went well. You can then determine if your company can prevent the same issues.

  1. Do you have any other contractors involved in this project?

If you are not the general contractor for your client, they have employed multiple subcontractors to work on different aspects of the project. You must know this information to coordinate your efforts with other teams. You can also gauge how much involvement they expect you to have compared to other companies.

Let the client know if the project needs to be subcontracted. You can help them find quality professionals.

Five Post-Job Questionnaires

Communication shouldn’t end just because the work is done. Ask your client questions after completing the job to gauge satisfaction and get feedback.

  1. Do you feel the project was successful?

You are the one who will decide if the work is completed to your client’s standards. You should ensure that your client is satisfied with the final result.

  1. What would you change or improve about our process?

This question serves two purposes. This question has two meanings. It would be best if you also asked for feedback to address any concerns and make improvements in the future.

  1. Did You Have a Favorite Team Member?

This question can be used to determine who you should follow up with once the project has been completed if you work with one or more people or a team. This team member can offer additional insights about the project if a client is happy to work with them. It could be problems that were resolved or ideas to make future projects more successful.

  1. Are you planning to have additional work done in the future?

Take the chance to sow the seeds. Your client may decide to return to you if they are satisfied. Ask them about their future goals, and tell them you can do additional work in their home.

  1. Would You Like to Leave a Review for Us?

It may seem uncomfortable, but many happy clients will give you a positive review. They don’t think about it. It pays to remind your clients politely, as checks can help you establish credibility and make your service more appealing to potential customers. You can also ask for photos or videos to be submitted by the client.

Use these questions in your process.

These questions can be used as is or as inspiration to create your process. Remember to give your suggestions a personal touch if you decide to use them.

Avoid using too many terms and jargon that are specific to your industry. Assume that potential clients have yet to gain experience in construction or remodelling.

Asking the right questions will save you time and allow you to have constructive conversations with your clients. You’ll also leave them an excellent impression of your company and yourself.

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